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Going Camping this Summer?

Date : 22 December 2014

Make sure you choose the right flashlight for your trip!

Summer is here and along with it comes the camping season! Camping enthusiasts and hordes of families pack up their tents and camping gear to go trekking and stay outdoors for a few days. Here they enjoy long leisurely nights around the campfire, hikes and walks and just general family bonding.

If you’re planning on going camping these summer holidays, we have some advice for you on one of the most over-looked items to pack – the flashlight or torch. The torch is actually one of the most important items to have with you when camping; and preferably more than one! Another item to always remember? Batteries for your flashlights! This is especially if you plan on going on night walks or being outdoors for more than two nights.

Why should I pack a torch for camping?

While it may seem obvious to take a flashlight with you, it’s not always obvious to many people that if you’re going camping, just one won’t suffice. You’ll need them for various reasons. Firstly, it’s best that each person has their own basic one – especially if you’re planning on going on any night walks or hikes. The leader of night walks or hikes will also need to have a much stronger flashlight.

Then of course, if you have the kids with you, it’s a classic to tell scary ghost stories around the campfire. To make it scarier, wait until the fire has died down a bit and shine the flashlight on your face as you tell the stories! Or even better, go for a midnight stroll while telling a couple of stories – this is great entertainment for the kids!

The sun sets around 8pm during summer in South Africa, so you’ll have plenty of light until late to cook your meals outdoors. If you’re cooking after dark, try investing in a strong lantern; which can be put on the ground or a chair and give you ample light to see what you’re doing.

Know which batteries are right for your flashlight

The last thing you want is to be in your tent or on a night hike and the batteries in your flashlight die! The best thing to do is to firstly, know which battery is the best for your specific flashlight; and secondly, take a spare pack with you.

If you have a very basic flashlight or torch, we recommend Eveready’s PowerPlus Silver or the PowerPlus Gold. The PowerPlus Silver is an excellent choice; while the PowerPlus Gold is great for moderate drainage flashlights – they deliver double the life of normal zinc carbon batteries.

For the flashlights that drain a lot more power, we recommend Eveready’s Platinum batteries. These are alkaline batteries and they are of the highest quality. They also last up to 3 times longer than our zinc chloride batteries – so they won’t end up leaving you in the dark.

Features to look out for when buying your flashlights

Choosing a flashlight may seem like a very simple task, but by looking for ones with these features, you’ll end up benefitting hugely.

  • If you’re going to be taking part in some outdoor activities at night, make sure your flashlight is durable and has a good grip, such as a rubber one.
  • Try to find a flashlight with adjustable focus. This will save you the cost of buying three different ones, for example.
  • Look out for flashlights or torches that have LED bulbs in them – these ones last a lot longer than regular bulbs.
  • Choosing a water-resistant flashlight is always a good idea, especially if you’re going to be doing some fishing or walking/hiking in the rain.

Are any of you going camping this summer? If so, let us know where on our Facebook page. You can also like our Facebook page for some interesting articles and information throughout the month!