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5 Fun Flashlight Games to Keep the Kids Entertained During Loadshedding

Date : 27 May 2019

Loadshedding presents many challenges for us all, especially parents who need to keep their busy little bodies entertained while the lights are off. Instead of spending money on entertainment elsewhere, why not create some flashlight fun in the comfort of your own home. Most of these games only require an Eveready powered flashlight and a positive attitude to keep the kids occupied. Let us know which one/s they enjoy most!

1. Flashlight Hide & Seek

This version has all the hallmarks of the old school game everyone has played at least once in their lives. Let the kids take turns doing the hiding and seeking, only this time, let them search in the dark. Give each ‘seeker’ a flashlight with which to light their way and watch as the fun ensues. If you have an only child, grab their favourite stuffed animal or toy and hide it somewhere in the house before the search begins.

2. Flashlight Shadow Charades

Small children are often fascinated by the shapes of shadows, but this game is sure to delight both young and old. Similar to traditional charades where someone acts out ‘clues’ while others try to guess the correct answer, ‘Shadow Charades’ encourages players to act out clues using nothing but their hands and fingers – projected as shadows on the wall. Depending on your child’s age, you could use a variety of charade prompts. From simple ones like ‘heart’ and ‘house’ to complex prompts like ‘a bunny dancing’ or ‘a bird building a nest’, for example.

3. Flashlight Limbo

The ‘Limbo’ is a traditional dance contest where contestants try to shimmy under a lowered stick whilst dancing – and this flashlight rendition is sure to lift the whole family’s spirits! Simply use a flashlight as the substitute stick and lower it closer to the floor after each round. The goal is to avoid the flashlight beam and ultimately be the last dancer standing without falling to the floor. This game works best with music, so remember to save your playlist to a fully charged device in advance.

4. Flashlight Counting

Instead of waiting for the time to pass during loadshedding, why not make it count? Start by numbering star-shaped pieces of paper, then tape them to the ceiling of your little one’s room. When loadshedding strikes around bedtime, have them shine the light on each number and read it aloud, or call out a number and have them find it with the flashlight. We love that this game is both fun and educational.

5. Flashlight Colours

Time to bring some colour into all that darkness! This game is a great way for kids to discover the art of mixing primary colours to create secondary colours. Using flashlights that are covered with different combinations of red, yellow or blue balloons, you can create a colourful light show in shades of green, orange and purple. Get the full tutorial here.