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EVEREADY south africa supplies led and cfl energy saver lighting and incandescent, fluorescent and halogen light bulbs

Eveready South Africa supplies a range of benchmark quality domestic lighting products

Established in 1937, Eveready is the only manufacturer of dry cell batteries and micro-wind turbines in South Africa. After decades of producing high-quality battery products, the company expanded its brand to include a range of benchmark-quality domestic lighting products in 2004. Today, Eveready proudly supplies a variety of energy-saving lighting to consumers across the country.

Our range of lighting products include:

  • CFL Lighting – This includes our range of energy-saving CFL lamps. Eveready CFL lamps, available in Warm White or Cool Daylight, boast a high colour rendering index and a long life span of 8000hrs.
  • LED Lighting – This includes our range of LED A60 lamps, available in Warm White or Cool Daylight. Eveready LED lighting saves up to 80% energy in comparison with conventional globes, boasts a long life span of up to 15 years, excellent colour rendering and is free from toxic substances including Mercury.
  • Incandescent Lighting – This includes our range of 100W and 60W incandescent lamps that boast a double coil and anti-rust base.
  • Other – This includes our fluorescent tube lamps, halogen lamps and CFL reflectors.

Energy efficiency remains a central focus at Eveready South Africa and our energy-saving lighting (ESL) and LED products underlines our commitment to environmental conservation.

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