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Coloured Light Bulbs

Colour is always a great way to get messages across in your décor, whether it be bright, fun colours such as pink for the little girl’s room; or more mature, serious colours such as black, white and grey for the adult’s room. Did you know that coloured light bulbs can also be used to turn your place into something different and more fun?

Normal lamp colours consist of warm white, cool white and cool daylight. Cool daylight is the brightest with cool white being a bit less bright. Warm white is what you’ll want to use for a softer, candle-like glow.

If you want to go for something vibrant, why not opt for a coloured lamp here and there? It doesn’t mean that you have to have a red-lit lounge and green-lit bathroom, but by adding a touch of colour to certain areas you can add a touch of fun too!

Our CFL mini spiral lamps come in all colours. Choose our yellow one and display it outside. It acts as a natural, environmentally friendly insect repellent.

We also have party packs with coloured globes. They’re sold in packs of five with each pack consisting of a red, blue, yellow, green and white bulb. These can be used as night lights for the little ones when they go to bed or even hanging outside by your entertainment area for when you have a party.