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Eveready’s Lighting Tips for your Home

Date : 26 August 2015

Giving your home a makeover is often an expensive feat – and one that isn’t completely necessary if you’re looking at giving the rooms in your home a different look and feel.

What many people don’t realise is that changing your lighting for different areas of the house can instantly transform it into a home with ambience suited to each area. We at Eveready have some great lighting tips for you for your lounge, dining room, bedroom, kitchen and bathroom – so it will really look like you’ve spent a fortune on an interior designer!

Lighting for your Lounge

When it comes to your lounge, it’s very important to create the perfect ambience. In most households, this is the common gathering area and where the family spends most of their time. For this reason, you should first think about what you use your lounge for. Do you mostly watch TV there? Do you use the lounge for reading or working?

If you use your lounge for a bit of everything, we would recommend putting some dimmers in your light fixtures. Dimmers are great because of their versatility – keep them bright when you’re hosting a cocktail party or dim them when you’re watching a movie with the family.

Another recommended light fixture to have in your home is a standing lamp with a bright lightbulb. This is ideal to place next to your couch for when you want to indulge in a bit of reading.

Bedroom Lighting

For many people, the bedroom is the place where you sleep and relax – which is why it’s important for the lighting in the room to create a soothing, cosy and comforting feel to it.

If this is what you’re going for, then aim for your lightbulbs to be low wattage ones so that they give off the same type of ambience as a candle-lit glow. Like with your lounge, it’s good to take into account what else you use your room for. If your bedroom has a reading, working or studying nook, then have brighter lights or even lamps in that corner. 

Bedside lamps are also a must. If you’re one for getting up often during the night, these really come in handy. It’s best to have these fitted with brighter bulbs so that you can find your way around the room easily and also so that you can read in bed before going to sleep.

Lighting to Dine For

It’s always important to make sure your dining room is lit the way it should be, as it often enhances the dining experience for people. This is why most restaurant owners pay close attention to their lighting in order to create just the right dining area ambience in their restaurant.

In your dining room, the table should be the centre of attention, so the best and classiest way to highlight this would be to get a chandelier or a pendant light to hang above the table. Make sure to measure beforehand, as you won’t want to end up with the light at eye-level while you’re seated at the table to eat.

The light above the table should give off a warm glow, but if you want to even that light out a bit, consider getting wall sconces – which give a dramatic look and in their own way, could accent a wall.

Lighting for your Kitchen

It goes without saying that for your kitchen, you’re going to need some bright lighting – especially above your stove and the countertops where you prepare and cook food. Don’t go for the brightest lighting though, as you don’t want your kitchen to end up being too clinical-looking. It is, after all, for many families, a gathering place.

Make use of small, multiple ceiling light fixtures so that it gives off an even glow that is not too harsh, but brighter than the previously mentioned rooms in the house.

Bathroom Lighting

If you have a mirror in your bathroom, make sure to not place a light directly above it as this will cast an unflattering shadow on your face. If you use the bathroom mirror to do your makeup or shave, then a light placed on either side of the mirror is your best bet. Wall scones are a very popular choice for this type of bathroom lighting.

Another bathroom lighting tip is to not put one directly above your bath; as this is where most people like to lie and relax; and to instead put one directly above the shower so that you can see what you’re doing once you close the shower door.

If you’re looking at giving your home lighting an environmentally-friendly makeover, consider switching to CFL bulbs. At Eveready, we proudly manufacture a quality range of CFL 3U lamps. View the range here.

Have you got any other lighting tips for the home that you would like to share with us? Give us a shout on our Facebook page!