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Choose the Right Light Bulb for your Home

Date : 08 May 2015

Choosing lighting for your home and garden seems like a simple task; but if you want to create a different mood for different rooms and areas, you need to make sure you choose not only the right lighting, but the right light bulb too.

At Eveready, we may be known for our batteries, but we also have the best lighting solutions for you, our customers. Our light bulbs and lamps are of the highest quality and we have a wide range to suit all of your light fittings – and to give off the desired effect you’re going for.

Need to give your lounge some ambience and warmth? Or how about upping the security in your garden? We’ve got you covered. Take a look at some great ideas of which lighting to choose when deciding on a mood for your home and garden.

For in the home…

Ambience and warmth

If you want to give ambience to your home and create warmth in certain rooms, then it all depends on which lighting you choose. For something eye-catching and warm at the same time, chandeliers are always a good way to go, especially if you have a high ceiling. Put a chandelier above your dining room table and it will feel like you’re having a candle-lit dinner every night. Our CFL Frosted Candles are perfect for your chandelier and give off just the right amount of light.

To create a feeling of warmth and a soft glow in your lounge or bedrooms, invest in some side and standing lamps. Lamps give off a warmer glow, especially if you opt for bulbs with a yellowish hue to them. They also have the ability to make a room look cosy. Our CFL Warm White Spiral Lamps and our Warm White CLF Frosted Candles give off the perfect glow when fitted into your lamps at home.

Another way to give off a welcoming, warm glow to your living room is to have ceiling lights fitted. Eveready’s LED lights are ideal for this and they come in a warm white.


To accent something in your home is to highlight a specific feature you want to draw attention to – such as a painting, plant or sculpture.

If you’re looking at shining a light on a painting in your lounge, then warm reflector lights will be the best choice for you. Our CFL Reflectors accent whatever you wish to highlight and they have up to 8000 hours’ lamp life – guaranteed to keep drawing attention to that new painting for months on end!

Even though they fit above the room, ceiling lights are also a great way to accent something in your home. Need to light up your passage or light the way up the staircase? Ceiling lights placed together make for the perfect way to highlight the way for guests to know where to go in your home and see where they’re going.

For in the garden…


It’s very important to have lighting in your garden for security reasons. Most of us have trees or big plants in our gardens that make for easy hiding places for burglars, which is why having security lighting is so important.

Your outside lighting should be a harsh, white light so that it shines bright enough to get your attention when it’s triggered to turn on. Our CFL Par 38 lamps make for great security lighting as they are available in a cool white colour and are ideal for outdoor fittings. Our CFL 3U Day/Night Sensor Lamps are also perfect for outdoors as they have a sensor that picks up when somebody has walked passed it, resulting in it switching on. These don’t only alert you, but they also very often result in the trespasser running away.


You don’t only need to have accent lighting indoors! If you have a lovely tree or plant that you want to accent in your garden – go for it. Highlighting walkways through the garden is a great way to lead your guests to your front door. Our Par 38 lamps are a good choice to give your garden the accent lighting you want for it.

So, have you been choosing the right light bulb for your lighting fixtures in your home and garden? Let us know on our Facebook page, we would love to hear from you!