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Accent lighting

Accent lighting is there so that you can highlight, or accentuate, something that is already beautiful. This may be something as simple as a tree or plant in your garden to a fine piece of art hanging in your lounge. To focus your guests’ attention on what you want them to focus on, it’s all about using the correct lighting.

If you have a tree in your garden such as a Willow Tree or a big Pine Tree that you would like to draw people’s eyes to, try putting a green lamp at the base of it. The green highlights the nature surrounding the lamp and really gives off a lovely vibe in the garden at night. Another good idea, if you have smaller plants, is to put up a white lamp amongst the plants or even some white fairylights – these just make the garden seem like a warmer place to be and the lights really accent the plants well.

Many of you may have a lovely painting in your lounge, dining room or bedroom that you’re itching to show off, but it’s no use having it if the room is dark and you can’t even see it. Position an LED downlighter above or below it and watch how it completely illuminates your painting.